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The Home Builders Association of the Grand Traverse Area (HBAGTA) promotes and supports residential building in our 5 county area, with a focus on education. Through scholarships, the HBAGTA supports students in our area who have chosen to make skilled construction trades their career choice. They are the future of Northern Michigan and they are tomorrow's employees that employers are desperately in need of today.

Scholarships are awarded on an annual basis. Since 1984, 129 scholarships have been awarded, equaling $107,798.42 to NMC and its students.

The Grand Traverse Regional Community Foundation Scholarship application opened on January 29, 2020. The deadline to apply was April 15, 2020.  Scholarships were awarded at the HBAGTA General Membership Meeting held on May 11, 2020.

The Northwest Michigan College (NMC) Scholarships are awarded during the annual HBA Scholarship Dinner each fall.  Applications are now open.

The two HBAGTA scholarships and the criteria necessary to qualify are listed below:


Northwestern Michigan College Scholarship HBA Fall 2021 Application - OPEN

Grand Traverse Regional Community Foundation  HBA Spring 2021 Application - CLOSED

NAHB Scholarships

2021 HBA Scholarship Dinner

Fall 2021 - Applications are Closed

Apply online by clicking the graduation cap.

Scholarship recipients will be announced at the HBAGTA Foundation Scholarship Dinner on October 7, 2021.


NORTHWESTERN MICHIGAN COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIP - $10,000 will be awarded for the 2022/2023 academic year. Multiple applicants may awarded.  Scholarships are available multiple years for each applicant.

  • Applicant’s chosen field of study must relate to the Home Building Industry, to include construction trades and supporting industries; landscaping, mortgage lending, architectural design, kitchen design, accounting, energy, environmental, interior design, real estate and utilities.
  • Must be a resident of one of the five counties we serve: Antrim, Benzie, Grand Traverse, Leelanau or Kalkaska County.
  • Minimum (cumulative) Grade Point Average must be at least 2.5 on a 4-Point Scale. (Must provide copy of current transcript/grade report/Certificate of Completion).
  • Must be registered to attend Northwestern Michigan College or an NMC program during 2022/2023 academic year.
  • Must demonstrate community involvement, leadership and/or service.
  • Applicants are encouraged to submit a letter of reference/recommendation as a supplement to their application - preferably written by an active member of the Home Builders Association of the Grand Traverse Area.

Spring 2021 - Applications are Closed

Apply online by clicking the graduation cap.

Scholarship recipients will be announced at the HBA General Membership Meeting on May 10th, 2021


GRAND TRAVERSE REGIONAL COMMUNITY FOUNDATION - HBA:  Available amount net yet determined.  Multiple applicants may be awarded.

Applications must be completed online.


  • Field of study MUST be related to the Home Building Industry. This includes the skilled trades and supporting industries.
  • Must be a resident of Antrim, Benzie, Grand Traverse, Kalkaska or Leelanau County
  • Available to attend college of one's choice during 2021-2022 academic years
  • Demonstrated community involvement, leadership and / or service
  • Applicants are encouraged to submit a letter of reference / recommendation as a supplement to the application

Scholarship Recipients

"I would like to say thank you for awarding me this scholarship.  I will continue to work hard and do my best to help and contribute to my community along the way.  Thank you for helping me as I strive to complete my degree at Northwestern Michigan College, this will be a great contribution to my education."  Emily Perkins 

"I am sincerely honored to have been selected as the recipient of the HBAGTA Scholarship.  Thank you for your generosity, which has allowed me to start a new path in my career for an improved future for me and my family.   As I complete my education at Northwestern Michigan College, I am very thankful for receiving your thoughtful gift.  Because of your scholarship, I will be able to open more doors and have more opportunities in life.  Thank you again for your thoughtful and generous gift."  Fredy Portillo

"I wanted to thank you so much for awarding me a scholarship.  This past semester wasn't easy and I was in debate whether or not I would be able to continue my education.  When I received notice that I was awarded a scholarship I started to cry.  You made me think maybe this is what I need to keep doing and without your help I would have left NMC, claiming college isn't for me.  I'm more determined now than I have ever been to finish my education.  So from the bottom of my heart, Thank You."  Tyler Bassett

"I would like to thank you very much for the opportunity to receive this scholarship.  Please be assured that it will be used in my pursuit of higher education and career.  I would also like to thank you all for inviting me to the dinner, it was an amazing event and a great chance to meet many new people and perspectives in the trades.  I hope one day I will be able to come again."  Makenzi O'Rourke

"I would personally like to thank you for the opportunity that you have given to me.  This scholarship will not only begin my path towards success but also allow me to truly unlock my full potential of being a student and eventually joining the workplace.  This scholarship is very important to me because it made me want to better myself and increase my knowledge in the general construction field.  It gives me an opportunity to grow throughout my college years so that I have a steady job after I finish college.  The Home Builders Association has been nothing but supportive to the workforce that is brand new to the construction industry and I am incredibly lucky to receive such an amazing amount of support from the industry that I have come to love.  Thank you for helping me continue my passion of construction and I will be sure to show what I am worth in this field.  I will commit all my attention and skills towards Northwestern Michigan College and bettering myself to be ready to join the workforce."  Dylan Nagel

Fall 2020 - Northwestern Michigan College - HBAGTA Scholarship

Austin Bluemel

Austin Bluemel

Picture Coming Soon

Max Zeeryp

Derick Hall

Derick Hall

Picture Coming Soon

Alain Klingbail

Picture Coming Soon

Carmen LaFranier

Picture Coming Soon

Maddie Corwin

Spring 2020 - Grand Traverse Regional Community Foundation - HBAGTA Scholarship

Fall 2019 - Northwestern Michigan College - HBAGTA Scholarship


Lon Rogers


Bridget Bernhard


Dylan Nagel


Maxwell Winkler


Layton Roe


Kelly Churchill

Evan Milks

Evan Milks

Photo Coming Soon

Hunter Case

Spring 2019 - Grand Traverse Regional Community Foundation - HBAGTA Scholarship

2019 Spring Scholarship Winners and Dean

Dylan Nagel, Joseph Sowers, and HBA President Dean Adams

Fall 2018 - Northwestern Michigan College - HBAGTA Scholarship

2018 Fall Scholarship Recipients

Spring 2018 - Grand Traverse Regional Community Foundation - HBAGTA Scholarship

2018 Spring Scholarships
  • NATALIE HORNACEK:  Graduating from Kingsley High School this year.  Also attends the Career Tech Center and will study toward a degree in Career Technical Education at Ferris.  Natalie will be going to school while going into the Air National Guard.  Natalie currently works for Kingsley Lumber.
  • NEIL CAREY:  2004 TC Central graduate.  Currently employed by Voltage Electric and is an electrical apprentice in the IBEW Union working towards his electrical Journeyman's and then Master's license.
  • EMILY PERKINS:  2016 Kalkaska High School graduate.  Currently attending NMC studying Carpentry & Construction Management.  Became interested in the skilled trades when she attended NMC's Building Tomorrow event, a hands-on introduction to the skilled trades.
  • GABRIEL JOHNSON:  Graduating this year from Frankfort High School and will be studying Construction Management at Ferris State University.  He got his first toolset and belt at the age of 4!  Took shop class in the 7th & 8th grades and drafting & design as a senior.
  • SHALE NOWLAND:  2016 TC West Graduate and currently attending NMC, studying to be an electrician.  Works at Sherwin Williams and has assisted with projects at job sites.  Several years as a boy scout and very goal oriented!
  • BRENTON DRAKE: Not Pictured  Graduating from Elk Rapids High School this year.  Studying Mechanical Engineering at Michigan Tech.  Brenton is familiar with the trades, his father is a plumbing manager with Team Bob's and his mother, Kris Drake, works at Infusion Kitchen and Bath.  Brenton has enjoyed assisting his father with work projects.
  • ALYSSA CULLEN:  Not Pictured  2016 Grand Traverse Academy graduate.  She plans to graduate from Michigan Tech with a Civil Engineering degree and attending graduate school so she can work as an architect with a sound understanding of engineering, functionality, and sustainability.

Fall 2017 - Northwestern Michigan College - HBAGTA Scholarship

Scholarship Recipients October 2017
Scholarship Recipients October 2017
  • CORINA HURST:  Graduated from Grand Traverse Academy and a current student at NMC, with studies in Sustainable / Green Building & Architecture.
  • SAMUEL JAVED:  Graduated from TC West Senior High and is currently studying Construction Management at NMC.
  • EMILY PERKINS:  Graduated from Kalkaska High School and a current student at NMC with studies in Carpentry & Construction Management.
  • JONATHAN REED:  Graduated from TC West Senior High, and currently studying Carpentry Technology at NMC.
  • AUSTIN SOLO:  Graduated from Frankfort High School. Currently a full time electrical apprentice and attending the NMC electrical program.
  • TIMOTHY SPIRES:  Graduated from Hartford High School and currently studying Construction Management at NMC.
  • ZAKARY WASHBURN:  A current student at Bellaire High School and taking classes at the Career Tech Center for Construction Trades. Graduating next June and planning to attend NMC's Construction Management and Carpentry Technology.
  • DOMINIC WEISS:  Graduated from Fenton High School and currently studying Carpentry Technology at NMC.

Spring 2017 - Grand Traverse Regional Community Foundation - HBAGTA Scholarship

  • BRIDGET BERNHARD:  Bridget is a 2012 Graduate from Traverse City West Senior High School and is currently studying Renewable Energy within the Electrical field at Northwestern Michigan College. Bridget is an apprentice with Consolidated Electrical Company.
  • SAMUEL JAVED:  Sam is a 2013 graduate from Traverse City West Senior High School and has recently started working in the Home Building industry with Maurer Construction. Samuel is currently enrolled in the Construction Management program at Northwestern Michigan College.

Fall 2016 - Northwestern Michigan College - HBAGTA Scholarship

  • TAYLOR BANTIEN:  2015 graduate of Elk Rapids High School.  Taylor is currently enrolled at NMC in the Construction Carpentry Technology Program.  Upon completion of her studies at NMC, Taylor is looking to work in the residential building industry.
  • CORINA HURST:  2016 graduate of Grand Traverse Academy.  Corina's goal is to earn a degree that will help in serving others, ideally in a way that involves designing and building sustainable and economical housing/shelter for those in need.  Corina's mother, Marcy Hurst is an HBAGTA member.
  • TIMOTHY SPIRES:  2014 graduate of Hartford High School.  Timothy currently works for Northwest Carpentry.  His goal is to earn his degree in Construction Management and eventually start his own construction business.

Spring 2016 - Grand Traverse Regional Community Foundation - HBAGTA Scholarship

  • ROBERT DANBERT:  Robert graduated from Ellsworth High School in 2007 and has recently started working in the home building industry.  He is attending NMC and working toward his PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) Certificate.  Robert is also in the JATC electrical union apprenticeship program.
  • MARK MACHIN:  2016 graduate from Central High School, with Structural Engineering being Mark's field of study.  Mark plans to attend NMC for 2 years and then head to Michigan Tech to finish his degree.  Mark's parents, Angie and Patrick are contractors and members of the HBAGTA.
  • JACOB WILLIAMS:  2016 graduate of Benzie Central High School with Architecture being his field of study.  During his junior year, Jacob was inducted into the National Honors Society.  Jacob plans to attend the University of Detroit and run cross country and track will pursuing his Master's Degree in architecture.  Jacob's father, Ken Williams is an architect and member of the HBAGTA.
Scholarship Winners
Robert Danbert & Jacob Williams