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Membership Benefits

Group Health Coverage
20% off website hosting.
Up to 50% off Ticket Monster.
16% off payment solutions.
75% off LTL shipping over 150 lbs.
45% off next day shipping.
10% off on top of specials.
20% off.
30%-50% off.
10% off books.
$100 off.
Up to 30% off.
$500-$1,000 off.
10% off.
Savings w/Amazon Business account.
Up to 25% off.
Save $100 on set of 4 All Terrain T/A KO2 Tires.
Up to 25% off base rates.
$500 Cash Allowance.
20% discount on standard rates.
20% tuition discount.
Up to 40% off.
Save on Workman's Comp. Insurance.
Exclusive member rates on auto and home insurance.
Work gear discounts.
Up to 20% off base rates.
5%-10% off select services.
$200 gift card with qualifying credit up to $250,000.
Up to $200 off Show registration.
2%-5% off A/R or business account.
Up to 75% off prescriptions.
10% off general merchandise.
$3,250-$10,500 discount per vehicle.
Up to 75% off. Free shipping over $50.
Save on products you already use!
One-Year Membership for $24.88.
.05¢ off gas.

Log into your NAHB account or visit the HBA of Michigan website for links to these savings!

Our mission is quite simple: To be a high quality resource for building industry professionals who provide outstanding service to our community.

Most of us can easily say that without the support of our peers and the professional organization to which we belong, we would not be nearly as successful. Members have the opportunity to be a part of an association that is developing the skilled trades through school/student outreach and scholarships!

HBA members find great value in their membership by belonging to a unique professional organization committed to a higher standard, upholding good business practices within the industry. Members provide critical support to the Home Building industry through membership and gain meaningful exposure through:


The HBAGTA Public Relations Committee is actively marketing the HBAGTA to inform the community of our industry professionals, driving business to our members.


Attend General Membership meetings. Get involved in events. Volunteer on a committee or Board of Directors.


The HBAGTA offers educational courses for members to keep current on topics that are vital to the construction and home building industry.

Legislative Watchdog

The HBA actively lobbies and monitors local state and federal legislative and regulation to ensure that our members’ business interests are well-represented and protected.


Sponsorship opportunities, prominent listing and website link on the HBAGTA website.

Member Discounts

Locally: Insurance & Auto. State and National: Retail discounts.

Large Conference Room

Available for members to hold client meetings or planning sessions at no cost.

Builder & Inspector Forums

Developed for our builders only, bi-annual meetings are held to bring local inspectors and builders together to discuss code updates and ways to make the inspection process smoother.

Members reap the benefits of: increased credibility, broadened knowledge, and lifelong friendships.