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Our History

One day in 1969 a handful of builders met for lunch at the Elk River Inn to discuss starting the HBA.  The group included: Gordon Converse, Joe Yuschasz, Bud Hierlihy, Tom Halberg and Jack Zimmerman.

Four of these gentlemen, Gordon Converse, Joe Yuschasz, Bud Hierlihy and Tom Halberg went on to serve as President of the HBA of the Grand Traverse Area.

The HBA of the Grand Traverse Area was charted on the 19th day of January, 1970. That first year there were approximately 45 members.  Charter members include:

HBA of the Grand Traverse Area Charter Members

Gordon Converse of Wanigan Corporation
HBAGTA's First President

Gordon Converse
of Wanigan Corporation
The HBAGTA's First President

  • Allen K. Anderson, Morrison Lumber Company
  • Warrant Crispell, Warren Crispell Builder
  • Byron Anger, Premier Homes
  • Gordon L. Converse, Wanigan Corporation
  • Joseph F. Yuchasz, Northwestern Specialties Company
  • Richard E. Raudman, Raudman Building Contractor
  • Orville Flansburg, O. K. Flansburg Builder
  • Charles A. Svec, C. Svec Building Service
  • Robert R. Harrison, Cutless Homes, Incorporated
  • Thomas H. Halberg, Halberg Residential Builder
  • Ken E. Kieft, Kieft & Dorsey Quality Builder
  • Jack Zimmerman, Zimmerman Construction
  • Vern Miller, Jr., Miller Building & Subdividing
  • Sigfried R. Godt, E-Z Plumbing & Heating
  • W. Olson, Brown Lumber & Supply Company
  • Monroe W. Whaley, Consumers Power Company
  • C. Clark, Traverse City Lumber Company
  • Keith Mead, Keith Mead Construction
  • Ordon Hierlihy, Vacation Homes Building Company
  • Bryce Barnes, Bryce Barnes, Incorporated
  • James Gauthier, Gauthier Painting
  • Leo Kaltenbach, Continental Drywall, Incorporated
  • John K. Wright, J. Wright Plumbing & Heating
  • Ralph A. Korson, Al & Ralph Korson Builders
  • Harry E. Tomaszewski, Grand Traverse Builders
  • Richard Graf, Graf Construction

History Tidbits

Jim Alpers Award

The Origins of the JIm Alpers Award
An HBAGTA Member Honored

Each year the HBA has the ability to give out five awards to our members for their outstanding service. One of these is in the name of Jim Alpers.

Jim owned a small excavating company here in Traverse City. The one thing people always knew, if Jim said he was going to do something, it always got done. Jim was one of those people who gave 100% all of the time and his work was top notch. Jim gladly shared his talents with the community. He did this for his church, local charities and he dug the foundations for our Home in a Day project and our current HBA office.

Sadly, Jim died of cancer before his time. In 1991 the Board of Directors created this new award for outstanding service by an associate member to our association. Mark Glynn was the first recipient.

Strong Women at the Helm
We're In The Top 5!
Our Executive Officers