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Workplace & Jobsite Safety

An "Accident Prevention Program" is also often called your "Safety Program".  And, the very first rule in the MIOSHA construction rules says you must have one.

Your accident prevent program needs to:

  1. Be written and kept up-to-date.
  2. Be communicated to workers.  This means works must know the company's safety rules and procedures.
  3. Cover all the different hazards that are encountered during your work.

Your accident prevention program is a guide and a resource that tells you about:

  • Operating procedures.
  • Hazards you may encounter - how to recognize the hazards and avoid them.
  • Safeguards of tools and equipment.
  • Any chemicals or flammables and how to properly handle them.
  • Emergency and first-aid procedures.

In addition to safety rules, the accident prevention program spells out how safety is managed, like:

  • Who is in charge of safety.
  • How safety inspections will be conducted.
  • How accident investigations will be conducted.
  • How employee training will occur.

Your accident prevention program should be an easy-to-read document that you can use to train new workers, refer to when you have questions, and to guide you safely through the day.

You must keep a copy of your accident prevention program on the jobsite.  Refer to your copy when you have questions or are starting a new or unfamiliar activity.

MIOSHA Construction Standards, Part 1: General Rules